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1. Babel See also: Confusion of Tongues at Babel
2. Baden See also: come from Baden
3. Baltic See also: the Baltic Nations; the Baltic peoples
4. Bavarian See also: the Bavarian Forest
5. babble (a. dummes Zeug babbeln)
6. babbling See also: what's he babbling on about?
7. baby See also: give a baby the breast; she wants to have the child / baby; she's expecting / going to have a baby; take leave to have a baby; take a baby's nappies off 0.4 KB
8. back See also: at the back of beyond; back / opt out of the nuclear energy programme; be back in fashion; come back into fashion; get back to the grassroots; get one's breath back; go a long way back; go back a bit; go back to; goes back to / belongs to the 9th century; he's back to his usual self; hold someone back; it put me back a few bob; it's like water off a duck's back; on one's back; she just can't hold back; she knows the subject from A to Z / back to front; they want the government to back out of the nuclear energy programme; traffic is back to normal 1.4 KB
9. back / opt out of the nuclear energy programme aus der Kernenergie aussteigen
10. background See also: come from a working-class background
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