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1. c/o bei (per Adresse) Schmidt
2. Cannes See also: the film received a Cannes award
3. cake See also: every little piece of cake tells with me; that piece of cake looks very tempting; sell like hot cakes
4. calculations See also: he got his calculations wrong this time
5. call See also: call / dock at; call / draw someone's attention to; call a strike; call on; call someone du Sie; call upon someone to; I've just got to make a phone call / ring someone up; just give us a call; on call; you don't have to call him by his / use his doctor's title; that calls for a drink 0.8 KB
6. call / dock at in einem Hafen anlegen
7. call / draw someone's attention to jemanden aufmerksam machen auf
8. call a strike zum Streik aufrufen
9. call on in Anspruch nehmen (jemanden)
10. call on someone to Infinitiv an jemanden appellieren zu Infinitiv a.
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