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81. challenge See also: challenge to a fight
82. challenge to a fight zum Kampf auffordern
83. champion See also: eight-time winner / champion
84. chance See also: have a chance of; he hasn't got / doesn't stand a chance of; I reckon / think I've got a good chance; no chance; you haven't got a chance in hell against them 0.4 KB
85. change anders werdenSee also: change colour several times; change for the better worse; change one's mind / views; change one's views; for a change; make undergo a change; need a change; nothing's going to change my mind about that; suggest a change; the change that was announced; it can still be changed; I've changed my mind; nothing's changed; you haven't changed, have you?; the changes he suggested / proposed were accepted; the changes you hinted at; there are changes in the air 1.3 KB
86. change colour several times abwechselnd rot und blaß werden
87. change for the better worse sich zum Vorteil (Nachteil) ändern
88. change one's mind / views von einer Meinung abgehen
89. change one's views von einer Ansicht abkommen
90. channel See also: direct into the right channels; go through the official channels
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