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301. corner See also: watch someone something out of the corner of one's eye
302. cost See also: at a cost of; cost a fortune; the cost of buying a car; balance the costs out against each other; estimate the costs at 10 million marks; it doesn't matter how much it costs money is no object for him 0.5 KB
303. cost a fortune ein Vermögen ausmachen
304. cough See also: cough at someone; be coughing up blood; have you finished coughing?
305. cough at someone jemanden anhusten
306. could See also: could be seen to emerge; could I have a word with you in private?; could you be more precise / go into more detail?; could you tell him that?; I could eat her up; I could eat you up; I could just fancy ; I could kick myself; I could see it in her eyes; she could do with losing a few pounds; you could almost see it being churned around inside him; you could try a bit harder; he couldn't look me in the eye; he just couldn't take his eyes off her all evening; she couldn't shake off the old hatred 1.3 KB
307. could I have a word with you in private? kann ich mal mit dir allein sprechen?
308. could be seen to emerge eine neue Entwicklung etc. zeichnete sich ab
309. could you be more precise / go into more detail? könnten Sie etwas ausführlicher sein?
310. could you tell him that? könntest du ihm das ausrichten?
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