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11. call someone du Sie jemanden mit du (Sie) anreden
12. call upon someone to jemanden aufrufen zu
13. calm See also: he radiates calm enthusiasm; the picture gives you a great sense of calm harmony; he has a calming effect on people
14. camera See also: in camera; they knocked something off for my old camera
15. campaign See also: campaign against
16. campaign against agitieren gegen
17. can See also: as far as the eye can see; can I help you?; can it be limited?; can you get it?; can you go swimming there?; can you hear the music through the walls?; can you remember the number of the car?; can you walk on / along it?; have to carry the can take the rap; he can do anything; he can give as good as he gets; he's the only one who can decide that; I can hardly get into these shoes; I can't do it - nor / neither can I; I don't know how they can stand; it can still be changed; one can just about overlook / excuse that; she can take anyone on; studying abroad can be very expensive; that can be done in one go; the worst that can happen to you; they can be modified / altered; you can forget about that; you can go as far as I'm concerned 5.8 KB
18. can I help you? werden Sie schon bedient? darf ich Ihnen behilflich sein?
19. can he hold out / will he last out till the next service station? hält er's bis zur nächsten Raststätte aus?
20. can it be limited? ist es begrenzbar?
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