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31. capacity See also: play to a full / packed house in front of a capacity crowd
32. capital small letter großer (kleiner) Anfangsbuchstabe
33. captivate in Bann schlagen
34. capture See also: capture something on film tape
35. capture something on film tape etwas auf den Film (das Band etc.) bannen
36. car See also: a car driver went berserk and ploughed plowed into a crowd of people; buying a car; can you remember the number of the car?; drive a car; go by car; he seems to have a standing order for car accidents; he went on and on at me until I let him have the car; I've come by car; only five minutes away by car / in the car; take one's car off the road; that doesn't worry me that won't do the car any harm; the cost of buying a car 1.1 KB
37. cards See also: play one's cards close to one's chest
38. care See also: care of Schmidt; handle with care; take care of; take care of someone; take care of something; under medical care
39. care of Schmidt bei (per Adresse) Schmidt
40. careful See also: he's very careful with his enunciation; make a careful selection
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