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1. Henry VIII = Henry the Eighth Heinrich VIII.
2. he / him of all people ausgerechnet er
3. he / she was born with it es ist eine Begabung
4. he asked him for the hand of his daughter er hielt um seine Tochter an
5. he asked me to give you his regards er trug mir Grüße an dich auf
6. he began to suspect to be niggled by doubts Mißtrauen kam (Zweifel kamen) in ihm auf
7. he came at 6 o'clock on the dot er kam um 6, auf die Minute genau
8. he can do anything er kann alles
9. he can get very enthusiastic about things you can't get him excited about anything er ist sehr (nicht) begeisterungsfähig
10. he can give as good as he gets er kann nicht nur einstecken, sondern auch austeilen
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